Jingle Hell // 21.12.2019 & 22.12.2019

Theaterforum Kreuzberg - Kreuzberg - Berlin

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Everything is red in there...

Billions of red dust particles are floating in the workshop...

I can't see clearly through this fog...

I can't even breath... I need another face mask, my ninth today...

Oh, Christmas time! In our western world a season full of tradition and feeling close. But behind it there is a tough economic industry.

Who produces the consumer goods and under what conditions, falls into the background. Who pays really for our happiness?

"Jingle Hell" might be a subtle wake-up call for the western world and its consumerist attitude.

To a soundtrack of music, dance and words, the audience is invited to feel the festive spirit but also to stay alert and be conscious about the choices presented to us.


Jingle Hell - Additional Preview Events (not full performance)

19th November 2019 @10pm, Bande á Part, Eschschloraque, Rosenthaler Str. 39, 2nd courtyard

30th November 2019 @7pm, Kultur-Café Schöneberg, Holsteinische Str. 30, 12161. Learn more >>