"Jingle Hell"

Everything is red in there...

Billions of red dust particles are floating in the workshop...

I can't see clearly through this fog...

I can't even breath... I need another face mask, my ninth today...

Oh, Christmas time! In our western world a season full of tradition and feeling close. But behind it there is a tough economic industry.

Who produces the consumer goods and under what conditions, falls into the background. Who pays really for our happiness?

"Jingle Hell" might be a subtle wake-up call for the western world and its consumerist attitude.

To a soundtrack of music, dance and words, the audience is invited to feel the festive spirit but also to stay alert and be conscious about the choices presented to us.






Theaterforum - Kreuzberg - Berlin

21.12.2019 & 22.12.2019

Kultur-Café Schöneberg - Nachbarschaftshaus Friedenau - Berlin


Eschschloraque - Rosenthaler Str. 39 - Berlin